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I thoroughly enjoyed Deborah's parenting course. Full of depth and insight, I came out not with a list of fixed rules, categories, do's and don'ts, but with a wholesome trust in the mother my kids were gifted with, the awareness of where my true power lies, and the confidence to parent in the way I already know how. 

An inside out process from which my children and I gained tremendously! 


I have attended all 3 of Deborah’s courses, and it has been a fantastic journey in discovering how Innate Health works.  It has been really empowering, I am able to be much calmer and less defensive.  It has taught me to accept myself in whatever situation I find myself in.  My whole perspective shifted once I realised that life was happening from the inside out.  It has definitely enhanced my relationship with myself and other people, positively.


 I have attended Deborah's courses on Assertiveness and Innate Health and I found them to be amazing, captivating and inspirational. Deborah gave over these topics with such clarity and Torah outlook. They gave me a lot of insight into the human mind which helps me to channel my thoughts and feelings into a positive direction and to navigate life's challenges in the right way. Danielle

When I first met Deborah I was in a very low and dark space. I had come out of a 33 year relationship of which 31 years was of marriage. After my first session with Deborah I began to see some light in my dark moments and her knowledge of innate health struck a deep chord and lifted my spirit.  I am now 9 months down the line and I can only say that Deborah’s words still resonate and her wonderful listening skills helped me get everything out that needed to be heard. I am in a great place now and thank you Deborah for giving me the skills to work things out.  You helped me understand who I am and to move forward.  


In my experience of counselling, I felt listened to and understood by Deborah and came out of the sessions more able to love and respect myself and my family. I would highly recommend Deborah to others. Rina

I have participated in 3 of Deborah's courses - Inside Out Parenting, Art of Assertiveness and Innate Health and I gained immensely from them. I have more confidence in myself as a person and as a mother and very often use the tools I have learnt to move through life circumstances in a smooth way.I highly recommend these courses!  Chava

 Having suffered from depression on and off for a number of years, I have at last found a cure!!

Deborah Saunders wonderful counselling worked a treat!

I will forever be indebted to her for saving my life, and my marriage!! Anon

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