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Course structure

Session 1: Becoming an Empowered Parent - Understand why parenting teens is so challenging and how to access confidence and clarity in the role of your teen’s parent. Learn common pitfalls into disempowerment and how to avoid them.

Session 2: Stop Rescuing Start Coaching! – Developing a creative approach to supporting your teen in dealing with life’s challenges from a healthy mindset.

Session 3: The Power of Unconditional Acceptance – Understanding your teen’s world and how you can communicate love in a way that they will appreciate it.

Session 4: Avoiding Emotional Avoidance – Discovering the power of validating both our own and our teens emotions

Session 5: Mindfulness in Parenting - tools for staying grounded in stressful situations.

Session 6: Assertiveness techniques - Setting boundaries, learning how to avoid passive and aggressive reactions and find more confident responses to our teens.

Session 7: The Art of Forgiveness – The importance of forgiveness in parenting teens

Session 8: Review and questions

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