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Deborah Saunders

Deborah Saunders was born and educated in Manchester, England and qualified as a therapist in 2013. Since she started her training in 2009, she has developed a unique approach blending conventional counselling along with other approaches to emotional well-being, including mindfulness and Innate Health. She also uses ‘The Journey’; a powerful method empowering people to heal their past and transform their future.


Deborah is passionate about empowering people in their lives. She has experienced first-hand and from the many clients she has helped, that when we tap into the power lying within us, this creates growth, positivity and success in all areas of our lives, be it our relationships, work situations or emotional well-being.


Deborah conducts a private practice in Manchester and also runs highly popular workshops for women within the Jewish community on emotional well-being.


Drawing on her personal and professional experiences, Deborah has authored a book titled ‘Being And Becoming’ where she helps her readers discover the path to inner peace and empowerment.


Deborah is married to Yehuda and has 6 children.

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